Category: Architecture

Oct 22

Organic Architecture

What is Organic Architecture? The term “Organic Architecture” was invented by the great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). An architecture idea which promotes harmony between man-made structure and the nature around, through design approach so well integrated that the buildings and surroundings become part of a unified & interrelated composition Objectives Organic architecture not only …

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Jun 22

To The Origins of Mid Century Modern Architecture

The modern American house, with its interlaced spaces, functional zones and cubic forms, was developed in Europe by Le Corbusier and others, modified in America by the works of the Masters, and transformed into a new idiom through its regionalization. The images of the “American house” were transmitted around the world, making it the modern …

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May 13

Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo and Serenity on Lake Ontario

My theory is a real traveler is able to discover interesting things even in the most unlikely of places. Well, Buffalo probably hasn’t made the “top travel destinations” list for a while, but I have been doing some research on it and I thought it’s high time to explore Buffalo, the closest American city to …

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