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Mar 21

Too Many Legs

in the garden

The cardinal rule of design is that if we decorate with what we love, it will all somehow meld together into this glorious pile of harmony. Would it be horrible to say that sometimes that can also be our downfall? Not to shoot myself in the foot here, but if we get caught up in …

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Jan 22

Designing an Inviting and Comfortable Guestroom

bedroom with colorful decoration

When you decorate your guestroom you can make it cute, elegant or even shabby chic. Really any style is fine as long as it is comfortable and functional. Think about who is likely to use your guestroom, and then consider what they will need to feel at ease and comfortable in your home. You can …

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Jan 17

Creating a High End Furniture Look With Paint

DIY Table

Feeling like you got a bargain when you are picking out furniture is fun for everyone, but creating a piece that looks high end on a budget is even more fun. So when you get your piece of bargain furniture home, break out a can of paint and get busy working your magic. Before Starting …

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Sep 21

Midcentury Modern Furniture Design

mid century chair and buffet

The period between the end of World War II and the early 1960s brought a period of optimism and prosperity to America. John F. Kennedy becomes president, a man flies into space, and it seemed like a time when anything was possible. Gio Ponti and Carlo di Carli added sensuousness to furniture not seen since …

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Jul 21

How (and Why) to Apply a Paste Wax to Your Furniture

Flowers on a table

Paste wax has been used for centuries to seal, protect and add shine to wood furniture. Paste wax dries to a hard, but very thin, protective finish which makes it the best choice for maintaining fully finished furniture. It is simple to apply and offers several benefits that modern technology can`t match. Paste wax contains …

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Jun 22

To The Origins of Mid Century Modern Architecture

Modernist Eichler Homes — the Foster Residence, in the northern San Fernando Valley.

The modern American house, with its interlaced spaces, functional zones and cubic forms, was developed in Europe by Le Corbusier and others, modified in America by the works of the Masters, and transformed into a new idiom through its regionalization. The images of the “American house” were transmitted around the world, making it the modern …

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Jun 22

Mid-Century Furniture Is Modern – Again!

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

The era that gave us mass-produced furniture and the opportunity to “experiment” with our decor is making a come-back in the lush set designs of AMC’s hit show, Mad Men. From Pete’s chic apartment to the Draper’s domestic dream home, everyone seems to be buzzing about mid-century modern, and rightly so. With whispers of clothing …

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