Category: Living Rooms

Jul 30

Color Choices In Your Home

As we all know, color choices play an important role in our daily lives from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. According to studies, our choice of one color over another color may have something to do with the way color makes us feel. For this reason, color choices in our homes …

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Jul 21

Tips For a Cozier and More Inviting Home

Recently, I had a few unexpected guests in my home and I panicked when I realized how untidy my home was. My children’s toys were everywhere, I had big pillows and blankets on the floor where my family plays together, and my kitchen sink still had our lunch dishes in it, and so on. Why …

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Jan 22

Getting the Greatest Impact From Your Decorating Budget

When you set out to decorate your space, it’s important to have a decorating budget to guide you. Whether you are remodeling a whole room or simply adding a window treatment to a room, there are ways that you can have your decorating dollars work really hard for you, which is a great way to …

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Jan 14

Perk Up the Family Room With Pillows

You can make any place feel more inviting simply by adding a few pillows. Pillows not only make your room more comfortable, but you can also use them to tie the colors in your room together. As you are adding pillows to chairs and couches, make sure that you leave enough room to properly sit …

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